We introduce: The Atlassian Statuspage tool

With Statuspage, you no longer miss an update and can automatically provide customers with information as needed
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What is Statuspage?

Whether server problems, bugs in production or DDoS attacks - downtime can occur anywhere. Be the first person to receive information about incidents so your team can focus on fixing the current problem. with Statuspage, you create a contact point for your customers to stay informed in the event of a malfunction.

Status page increases your customer satisfaction

Customers value transparency. With Statuspage, you enable your customers to receive predefined notifications of outages and scheduled maintenance in real time. Statuspage is the perfect tool to turn a critical situation into a memorable customer experience. Give your customers the insights they need and display the status of every core component of your service. Show your track record on availability and publish key performance metrics such as uptime and response time.

If you provide services to hundreds or thousands of employees, mass emails are not the right choice for disseminating information. Give employees a central source of information where they can set relevant notifications themselves. Set up SSO for your private page, automate their monitoring tools and bypass the need to respond to status emails. Statuspage offers the largest and fastest growing network of third-party components from services like Stripe, Mailgun and PagerDuty. Simply select the tools you want to use. With third-party components, your Statuspage will update the same second one of your providers lowers its own status or returns to service. You no longer have to be an intermediary or track down providers to get an update.

Keep your own team up to date

Statuspage perfectly integrates with OpsGenie. OpsGenie is an alert management tool that allows you to automate alerts within your Team so that down-times don't go unnoticed. Just as Statuspage seamlessly integrates with Jira, OpsGenie can be integrated as seamlessly with both Jira and Statuspage. Both applications are a fundamental part of the Altassian software ecosystem and will propell your business even further.
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Statuspage Support

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we offer you support in implementing and setting up the system.
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