We introduce: The Atlassian tool Confluence

Confluence is probably the best-known tool from Atlassian. It can be used for numerous use cases and always helps to organise and share your know-how.
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What is Confluence?

Create, organise and collaborate on tasks - all in one place. Confluence is a workspace for teams where knowledge and collaboration meet. We provide your team with a place to create, capture and collaborate on everyday work and projects. With Confluence, we enable every team member to retrieve institutional knowledge and access relevant information. Achieve the best possible work results and help your team structure, organise and share tasks.

Confluence is suitable for teams of all types and sizes - for mission-critical, high-risk projects that require stringent procedures, and equally as an area for building team culture and corporate communication.

The most important features of Confluence

Cooperation on projects

With Confluence, it is possible to create and share projects in a central location and work on them with other people from the team. This ensures that your team is always up to date. Are documents and files (Word, Excel, PDF) still sent as attachments by e-mail in your company or are they stored in a confusing way and twice on private and public drives?  We will show you how you can use Confluence to manage your document management securely and permanently in a central location without superfluous redundancies.

Intranet, business wiki and news

Enable your employees to find other colleagues and offer them a platform for an internal exchange of knowledge and content with Confluence. Publish internal company information in Confluence and do without newsletters. This way you avoid knowledge loss and ensure that new employees can also see past content. You can publish, share and organise all company information in one central place to facilitate self-service. Thanks to the structured hierarchy and the powerful search function, you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Synchronisation between mobile device and desktop computer

Track your team's activities for current projects. It's also possible to provide feedback via mobile devices and synchronise content with your desktop computer. Atlassian's cloud hosting takes care of the technical management while you can focus on your work worry-free.

Many more features

Confluence is much more than just text! With Confluence you can create project plans, product requirements, meeting notes and much more. Dynamic multimedia content not only makes your work feel more alive, but also simplifies your work. You can create diagrams, tables and calculations of your projects and have a clear and appealing interface. Over 40,000 customers worldwide rely on Confluence like NASA or Spotify. Large companies and great teams use Confluence to achieve maximum performance.

Integration von Jira Core, Software und Jira Service Management

As part of our Atlassian consulting as a full-service provider, we show you how to create synergies with other Atlassian products and get the maximum benefit from your Atlassian tools.  For example, connect your knowledge database from Confluence with Jira Service Management to offer your users ready-made problem solutions before a ticket is created and thus reduce support requests. At the same time, your support team documents new applied problem solutions in the central knowledge base and can thus reduce future requests. Of course, we will show you how to create dynamic request documents and how they can be integrated into Jira. This way, your Jira requests are created directly from Confluence.

venITure is your Atlassian partner for Confluence

As a certified Atlassian Solution Partner, we support you in the introduction and use of Confluence with our experience and expertise in all questions and requirements. We show you the benefits for your company in the use of Confluence and we support you in the individual adaptation of Confluence according to your needs. We are happy to train your employees in the efficient use of Confluence.
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