Shift Dev 2019

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The Shift Developer Conference is the largest developer conference in South Eastern Europe. For over seven years, the Shift Conference team has been offering its visitors an ideal platform for successful business networking. Over a total of two days, renowned speakers from all over the world enrich around 1500 participants with informative and exciting talks and workshops. Shift Dev does not just offer tech enthusiasts the opportunity to get in touch with the latest methods and trends in the industry. No, it also creates this opportunity in one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, Split. Thus, the participants can enjoy the whole spectacle at the same time as the charming and historical flair of the coastal city. This year, the Radisson Blu was chosen as the location, which was particularly suitable as the venue due to its modern architecture. The venITure was there as a 5-star sponsor. We were particularly proud to represent our company with our own stand with a team consisting of developers and consultants. 

Shortly after the opening ceremony, which was introduced by the organiser Ivan Burazin, the conference was filled with numerous visitors. In total, there were 25 stands, 23 main speakers and 8 workshops at this year's event. This basis gave us the opportunity to talk to representatives of large regional companies as well as medium-sized companies, in particular to exchange information about working methods with Atlassian products. From these conversations we could see very clearly that compared to the Shift Conference 2018, the interest in Atlassian products has increased significantly. We could also see that although significantly more people are now using Atlassian tools, they are not yet familiar with the versatile application possibilities of the tools. Therefore, the enthusiasm of many visitors was even greater after we were able to show them the advantages of agile working methods through short live demo functions. As a solution partner, these moments are of course particularly gratifying for us. We also took advantage of the opportunity to present our Panter programmes such as Linchpin, Mattermost and Pledge 1% to the visitors. It was also very nice to see that many young people were interested in our work and were keen to learn more. 

To balance out the many technical discussions and lectures, we made Mario Kart available at our stand. This gave the visitors the opportunity to switch off and have a little small talk. But to make sure it didn't get too boring, we combined the whole thing with a competition in which visitors could take part every day. The prize was a Welness voucher for the spa at the Radisson Blu. The experienced organisers of the Shift, of course, also provided an evening programme. Like the conference itself, these took place in the city's hottest hotspots. Here, all participants could continue conversations already started or simply shake a leg in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Are you interested in finding out more about this year's Shift Developer Conference or would you like to get more information about the Shift in general? You can find all important information at the Shift.

Some impressions from the conference:

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