Set up a proof of concept and how LeasePlan is going to work with it

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Requirements workshop

During the requirements workshop, our certified consultants recorded LeasePlan Germany's requirements for project management software using a proven venITure method. The software should not only improve project work, but also make it more pleasant. Currently, LeasePlan Germany works in the area of project management with various tools that do not always fully meet the requirements of project management.

Against this background, project management with Jira software as a workspace and Confluence as a hub for documentation is a logical consequence.

Atlassian solutions made by venITure

Both Jira and Confluence are powerful tools that turn project management into an agile, living process. Tickets provide a convenient overview of the status of projects - at any time! With our in-house solution, we refine project management tools and increase effectiveness.

The solution is basically based on the fact that projects in Jira can be displayed and monitored in two ways: As a ticket and as a Jira project. Initially, projects are managed in Jira as tickets of the type project. In the course of planning the project, it becomes foreseeable that the project plans will become more and more concrete and consequently that this project will need space. For this purpose, a complete Jira project is created on the basis of the ticket using automation. 

Now the progress of the project can be displayed in detail with the tool Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Cloud as a meaningful Gantt table. In this way, you can clearly see dependencies between tasks and their subtasks and display them across the entire project. This streamlines project planning and allows teams to keep track of when something needs to be done.

Proof of concept

By default, Jira as a powerful project planning tool offers almost unlimited possibilities to support teams. However, over the course of time, certain approaches have prevailed. At venITure, for example, we have also developed a proprietary solution that we are very happy to recommend to our customers.

After the requirements were collected by LeasePlan Germany in a requirements workshop, our task began to set up a Jira Software Cloud instance as a proof of concept. The focus during implementation was on digital and, above all, agile project management. For this purpose, we are using an already proven solution, which we will make available to LeasePlan Germany and implement in the near future.

Jira and Confluence configurations

In the run-up to all these possibilities, a foundation must of course be laid. This includes the configuration of the individual transaction types, masks, workflows and their respective schemas. Together with LeasePlan, we have decided on the following four transaction types: 

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Sub-tasks
  • Task packages

Task types are related to the appropriate classification of tasks to be completed and can differ greatly depending on the use case. To distinguish these use cases visually and also in execution, we use the workflows in Jira to define and record how our own process works.

After we have created the relevant process types, we create masks that determine with which information a ticket is to be provided. Here, too, good solutions have been established through experience and feedback, and we are happy to fall back on them. The created masks are assigned to a task action via a schema in a task type. 

Then the workflows are created via Jira. Here it is possible to freely design the status and the transitions. In a transition that leads to a status such as "Pending" and thus signals that work on the respective ticket has been suspended, it makes sense, for example, to query why work has been suspended.

The situation is different when a ticket changes from the status "In progress" to the status "Solved". Here, for example, it can be important to document with which result the work on the ticket was completed.

Once all these configurations have been made according to our proprietary solution, adjustments naturally follow to make the system more useful to LeasePlan.

Finally, the setups of the automations followed so that repetitive tasks such as creating a project from a project ticket do not become a tedious process. The background to this is that projects in Jira are designed very flexibly and their own configuration is created when they are created. 

When setting up Confluence, all information about a project should be housed. This includes, for example, notes or tables. Everything that needs to be more detailed for the project in order to be attached to a ticket in Jira will be available to the project staff in Confluence.

Workshop Presentation of the PoC

On 18 May 2021, during a one-hour introduction, we were able to demonstrate and explain the current status and the implemented functionality to a team from LeasePlan Germany consisting of Matthias Nett, Andreas Janta and Moritz von Kneten after the proof of concept had been completed. The result of the meeting led us to already migrate two projects from LeasePlan DCS and NM. The LeasePlan team will create accounts in the instance and start using them soon.

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