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External Import Tool for JSM Insight - Importing Data into Insight is much easier and more secure than ever!

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room In today's world, most companies struggle to keep track of their IT Assets. This leads to longer service times, and longer time to value in every department of the company. These IT Assets can be any valuable assets that are physical, and non-physical entities your company […]
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venITure is awarded as Atlassian Partner of the year: Work Management for all

We couldn't be more proud to be recognized as the Atlassian Partner of the year 2021. Each year, Atlassian awards the Partner of the year in various categories for the past year. Through our mission to help enterprise teams transform digitally, we develop unique work management solutions for all enterprise teams. Why we think Atlassian […]

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How to Create Beautiful and Dynamic Pages in Confluence Cloud

Confluence is one of the most important team workspaces your organization will ever use. Your team can share work, organize vital information and retain and share your most critical institutional knowledge. If you use your instance regularly, your Confluence pages and spaces become a suppository for all of the knowledge your workers have gained as […]

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Five most useful macros for Confluence

Most users see Confluence as a wiki or hub to store documentation, but you may not know that Confluence comes with a wealth of additional features that can transform your experience as a contributor (and encourage your teams to spend more time reading your Confluence pages!).  What Are Confluence Macros? Macros are add-ons that users […]

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Atlassian Team '22: Get in touch with us personally 

Only a few weeks left until the big Atlassian Team '22 event starts in Las Vegas - the excitement is on the rise! We are pleased to share some updates with you today in order to give you the opportunity to prepare and plan in time to get the best overview of the event. In […]

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Atlassian announced the availability of Forge for Jira Service Management

Atlassian's recent announcement opens new gates: Jira Service Management extension points are now available for Forge! With this change, it is now possible to develop Forge apps that customize Jira Service Management, Jira Software and Confluence. Forge for Jira Service Management Building apps for enterprise customers comes with a complex set of expectations and requirements, […]

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A comparison of work management tools: Trello vs. Asana vs. Jira vs. MS Project vs. Jira Work Management

Professional software developers are usually expert planners. They plan their workflows and tasks using tools like Jira, which gives them unique insights into the work that needs to be completed, work that requires another team to complete their tasks first before proceeding, and which teams and team members are responsible for completing set tasks.  While […]

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Atlassian Update: Jira and Confluence Cloud are HIPAA compliant

Great news: Atlassian announces that Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud are now HIPPA compliant! With this announcement, Atlassian reaches another major milestone and achieves the goal of meeting important data security and compliance requirements. What is HIPPA compliance and why is it important for a lot of organizations? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

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How a major company implements Atlassian tools and Microsoft 365 for Jira

Use Case: AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer SE & Co. KG AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer SE & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of agricultural and municipal machinery. With its headquarters in Hasbergen-Gaste and further development and production sites in Germany, France, Hungary, and Russia, Amazone is a globally active company. Challenges in the business processes Due to […]

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Taking Omnichannel Communication to the Next Level, Together

Infobip and venITure look back at the beginning of their partnership and give a glimpse of what is coming next. It’s been almost two years since we announced our partnership with Infobip “a global leader in omnichannel communication, to establish and optimise processes of #DigitalTransformation for companies of all sizes”. This Croatian company, with more than 60 […]

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The integrated knowledge base in Jira Service Management

Atlassian announces the integration of a native knowledge base into Jira Service Management. The knowledge base is operated by Confluence and offers to view, create and edit e.g. tutorials, FAQs and support questions directly in Jira Service Management. The beneficial aspect is that the user does not need to purchase an extra license for Confluence […]

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Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud

When marketers begin to plan their content marketing strategy, they often stop and think – “Where do I even begin?”. Creating a content strategy may sound like a complex and time-consuming thing to do. But in reality, a good content strategy is an actionable plan for all the things you've things you want to tell […]

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Better meeting notes for innovative collaboration

When you undertake a project in Confluence, proper documentation is important. For instance, the meeting notes you record. Let’s walk through a number of key benefits of using advanced templates for your meetings. Anyone with experience using Atlassian’s Confluence will be well aware of the breadth and depth of tools and functionality it offers: dynamic […]

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Properties in Confluence

Remote and digital work increased drastically in 2020 and are likely to continue on an upward trend in the coming years. Having the right software tools will be essential to your team's daily work. Many organizations use Confluence tools to structure and collaborate on their work and build their primary information source. With Confluence Cloud, […]

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Overcoming the Blank Page Syndrome in Confluence

Confluence is a wonderful tool to centralise the company's information, build a knowledge base and share ideas. From creating and sharing individual pages to creating entire areas where teams gather their information, Confluence provides a content hub. And when it comes to team collaboration, this platform is the proven and established solution. Getting started with […]

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How templates help to structure information in Confluence

Teams using Confluence should be able to collaborate, map different projects and document their work. And that's where it's good that Confluence offers diverse ways to foster collaboration. Teams can easily and intuitively create pages, share information and create areas to bring content together in one place. However, regardless of the benefits that Confluence opens […]

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LeasePlan Customer Project Update: Training and Working with Jira and Confluence

Jira and Confluence trainings for all users With the successful migration of all projects from Microsoft tools to Jira, the project reached the final phase. Following the migration to the Atlassian Cloud, all LeasePlan users were trained by venITure.  In three training sessions, the venITure team trained the participants in the use of the tools. […]

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LeasePlan Customer Project Update: Implementation and migration of Jira & Confluence

The beginning of LeasePlan's Atlassian journey In the previous project update, our certified consultants from venITure have already implemented proprietary solutions within a proof of concept. With the help of a detailed presentation, we were able to show and explain the current status and the implemented functionality to the team from LeasePlan Germany. Of course, […]

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Set up a proof of concept and how LeasePlan is going to work with it

Requirements workshop During the requirements workshop, our certified consultants recorded LeasePlan Germany's requirements for project management software using a proven venITure method. The software should not only improve project work, but also make it more pleasant. Currently, LeasePlan Germany works in the area of project management with various tools that do not always fully meet […]

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venITure explains: Customizing the Issue View in Jira with Issuelayout

IssueLayout We have released a new app - IssueLayout! You can now customise your issue view to give your users a clear overview and avoid information loss. Ensure that your users invest time and energy in solving issues and not in searching for information. How does it work? IssueLayout allows you to change the layout […]

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Atlassian optimises the Jira Cloud user experience

Good news! Based on user feedback on the current Jira Cloud navigation, Atlassian announced that it is working on a more user-friendly navigation for Jira Cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core). The new navigation will offer users a number of benefits, including placing the navigation at the top of the screen […]

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