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17. Nov. 21

When marketers begin to plan their content marketing strategy, they often stop and think – “Where do I even begin?”. Creating a content strategy may sound like a complex and time-consuming thing to do. But in reality, a good content strategy is an actionable plan for all the things you've things you want to tell your audience about.

But most people often do not fail on the "what to post" but more on the how-to ensure consistency and how to manage it. Without the right processes and tools in place, your content marketing will be completely disorganized, and you won't get your content to the relevant target group fast enough. Finding the right process and tools to help you plan and manage your content marketing is essential when you want to achieve good results for your business.

Content marketing planning software

Publishing consistently helps you to test and understand what types of content work with your readers. Also, the more often you publish on your blog, the better the odds of one post going viral. But how can we manage all the different content ideas?

When it comes to actually planning out your content strategy and what you are going to post about, software to store your drafts and collaborate with your team is as important as the content itself. Confluence Cloud is a clear choice as it is one of the most used wiki software in the world and a workspace that supports collaboration and planning.

As a place to create, collaborate, and organize all your work in one place, it can help business teams to break down silos, spread ideas and organize all your marketing efforts into one place.

Build your content marketing planning in Confluence

To get an overview of your content efforts, you can build overview pages using the reports of the Properties macro in Confluence Cloud. With the help of the macro, you can add a properties form on each page you create. Once you’ve done that, you can generate a report on your overview page and cross-reference the properties.

For example, you could create an overview page for all content efforts or individual tables that only show the posts on social media or on your blog.

Content Marketing Hub

Fill your content calendar

When it comes to filling your content calendar, you want to be as effective as possible. To ensure that your content drafts have all the information your team needs to quickly create outstanding content, you can use properties.

Display your properties on any Confluence page or template and collect your users feedback. These properties help tell you what’s happening, who’s responsible, and when the task is due (or just about anything else you need to know about a page).

So if you want to schedule a new marketing activity, you can simply create a new page and add a properties group to it.

Create custom Properties

You can easily build reusable collections of custom fields that act as form fields on your pages. A variation of field types ensures quick and reliable user input.

With the Properties app it is possible to easily create these property groups for almost every use case you can imagine. An intuitive editor and make them available to the teams.

With the Properties app it is possible to easily create these property groups for almost every use case you can imagine. An intuitive editor and make them available to the teams.

Content Settings

Try out Properties for Confluence Cloud - and see how your content marketing can change. 

Update the properties in the live view

Once you compile your content for the next couple of weeks, you can start working on your drafts. To update your draft status, you can easily go to the confluence page and change the properties you had filled in. Once the status of your draft is updated, you can see the changes on your overview page.

You can even change the properties without having to update the entire page each time. This way, you can make your content marketing more efficient in one fell swoop.

Get the Properties App for free

You can download the Properties App for Confluence Cloud in the Atlassian Marketplace for free. If you need help with the set up or want to map your entire marketing management with the help of Jira and Confluence, we are happy to advise you at any time.

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