LeasePlan Customer Project Update: Training and Working with Jira and Confluence

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Jira and Confluence trainings for all users

With the successful migration of all projects from Microsoft tools to Jira, the project reached the final phase. Following the migration to the Atlassian Cloud, all LeasePlan users were trained by venITure. 

In three training sessions, the venITure team trained the participants in the use of the tools. In the course of the training, the focus quickly shifted to the use of Confluence. Here it was important to fulfil LeasePlan's requirement to create transparency and effectiveness. The goal was to document all projects in a comprehensible and orderly manner in one place in order to ensure that emails, texts, notes, etc. do not get lost.

Effective use of Atlassian tools

During the go-live, the solution implemented by venITure scored with its intuitive usability, so that the use of the tools was easy right from the start and really simplified the work. The response from LeasePlan was therefore very positive. Jira is now used as a central point of contact for task distribution and as a project overview, while Confluence is used as a central collection point for project documentation. Everything is now in one hand and does not have to be traced back through several applications.

The transition from various Microsoft Office products to a unified combination of Jira and Confluence was very easy for the team, so the tools were well accepted right from the start. The effects of the go-live are therefore positive. After a short period of getting used to the tools, the team was already happy to use them.

How LeasePlan works with Jira and Confluence

Currently, the LeasePlan team uses the tools to record daily tasks and to document any project progress.

In the course of further work with the tools, opportunities have arisen for smaller, individual adjustments that could be made independently. In the course of the introduction, it also proved useful to make use of an extremely practical feature in Jira. We are talking about "Issue Level Security", which makes it possible to protect confidential data in tickets. These can therefore only be released for certain project roles. This function was presented and implemented by venITure during an additional training session. 

Both Jira and Confluence are powerful tools that are able to turn the extensive area of project management into an agile, living process. One of the central requirements of the project, to clearly display tasks in the form of tickets, is fulfilled here on the basis of corresponding boards. These boards are created automatically and individually for each project and represent a central contact point for the project staff. 

"Roadmaps for Jira" is an app that has meanwhile been integrated into Jira and shows the progress and status of various project steps. Within the app, the project steps are clearly displayed as tickets in a Gantt chart. In addition, a chronological classification can be made.  With "Roadmaps for Jira", the user can therefore schedule tickets directly in the predefined charts in order to obtain a single overview of the current plan.

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