venITure explains: Customizing the Issue View in Jira with Issuelayout

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We have released a new app - IssueLayout! You can now customise your issue view to give your users a clear overview and avoid information loss. Ensure that your users invest time and energy in solving issues and not in searching for information.

How does it work?

IssueLayout allows you to change the layout of issues simply by dragging and dropping. It uses a layout schema structure similar to the traditional Jira screen schema hierarchy. This allows you to customise the view to suit both the issue type you want and the project. You can hide and reposition panels from the system or from third parties. Increase your team's efficiency in Jira by providing the information they need.

So what does IssueLayout change in Jira?

IssueLayout allows you to customise the issue view by repositioning or hiding existing panels. You can even make adjustments to panels that come from other apps.

Drag & drop function, change title, visibility and add new panels

This type of personalisation can be extremely helpful for employee files, for example. Because here time tracking and development panels, which usually only make sense in a software development project, are not needed. You can even go one step further with this app and design the header by showing important fields in the summary. Based on this example, you can insert information such as assignee and issue key directly in the summary. There is no need to develop code for this either.

IssueLayout Details, IssueLayout Tabs, IssueLayout Activity Panel Functions

The app offers another special feature regarding the issue view through unique panels. Thanks to the IssueLayout detail panels, you can replace the old detail panels with new panels and configure them to show empty fields or multiple tabs. Through the IssueLayout activity, you can add personalised Acitivity tabs instead of the regular Activity tabs.

Another extension is the panel called IssueLayout Tabbed Panels, which allows you to display panels in tabs. You have the option to add any other panels to this panel. Furthermore, you can add a comment screen which is similar to live chat screens.

The last great functionality is the ability to switch between multiple layouts configured for the same issue type in the same project with one click. In other words, you can now present the same issue with one click to both a developer and a project manager who are basically working with different views.

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