We introduce: The Atlassian tool Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management enables all teams, whether HR, Marketing, Sales or IT, to create a service desk 
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What is Jira Service Management?

Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) is a web application for error management and problem handling. Jira provides a customer portal in which users are guided through one or more forms and can thus create a process. By connecting to a knowlegde base, frequently asked questions can be intercepted and answered without having to create a case. In addition, the customer portal can be expanded to include an AI chat.
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This is why you should use Jira Service Management

Your customers and employees want quick and easy support for service requests. Jira Service Management supports your support and promotes the satisfaction and relationship with your customers. We support you in the implementation or a smooth transition to Jira Service Management. Use our experience in setting up Jira Service Management to avoid performance losses. Therefore, make use of our service at an early stage to realise the best start during the implementation and introduction of Service Desk.

Enable self-service with Confluence and Jira Service Management

We integrate your own knowledge databases from Confluence into Jira Service Management so that the service ticket creator receives an answer to his problem without the involvement of a service desk employee. This is not about an automated sending of text modules, but about a suitable access to the already existing solution suggestions. We show you how to turn your service management into a self-service desk. 

Uncomplicated use and integration

Jira Service Management's user interface is intuitive, structured and thoughtfully designed. The Atlassian Service Desk makes it easy for you to handle service and support requests, find solutions via the knowledge base and track and monitor requests.

Increase service quality and minimise costs

Jira Service Management helps you keep your costs low twice over. The fair Atlassian licence pricing model is based on the number of your service employees, regardless of the amount of service requests or the number of active or potential customers.

This is how we implement Jira Service Management for you: 

We create company-specific configurations for you and adapt Jira Service Management to your requirements. We can also extend your Jira Service Management with apps at any time. Through automation, we ensure that service requests are immediately assigned to the right processor. Avoid queues and unnecessary working time with manual ticket management. Use the saved resources to process the content of the requests, not for administration. For your safety, we will of course conduct training courses for you if required. 


New introduction of Jira Service Management

If your current service or help desk activities are still done in the traditional way, it's time for a change. Do away with telephone calls, e-mail distribution lists and task distribution by call or on slips of paper. Stop the associated turmoil and inefficiency. The introduction of Jira Service Management will help you to bundle and properly prioritise all requests. To support Jira Service Management, you can also create a comprehensive knowledge base to optimise troubleshooting as much as possible.


Switch and migrate to Jira Service Management

If you are already using a service desk tool from another vendor (OTRS or similar), you should consider switching to the market leader. G2Crowd lists Jira Service Management among the market leaders in the category of Best Service Desk Software. Good reasons for switching are not only the intuitive interface of Jira Service Management, but also the strategic decision to introduce a comprehensive tool for task management.

venITure supports you in the migration of your existing service desk to Jira Service Management and ensures a smooth changeover, without downtimes or deterioration in service quality. In addition, we maintain the familiar user interface for you and your customers or develop a clear and user-friendly interface. Of course, this also includes linking to a mobile interface, for example, in order to create orders and process problems in Jira Service Management from a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location.

You want to improve your service management with Jira?

Then get in touch with us now. Even if you don't yet have a help desk or service desk tool in use, we will be happy to advise you. If you already use Jira Service Management, we will be happy to show you how you can get even more performance out of Jira. We look forward to a free initial consultation with you!
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