Important price changes for existing Atlassian customers

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13. Jan. 22

Atlassian just announced new prices to its Advantaged Pricing Plan for Servers and Data Center, effective February 15th 2022. In this article, we have outlined all upcoming changes and how you can respond to them.

So what changes are expected?

  • Price increases for server and Data Center licenses in the Advantaged Pricing Plan
  • Discontinuation of server tier upgrades and downgrades
  • Discontinuation of any new feature development on server 

Price increases for licenses in the Advantaged Plan

What does the Advantaged Pricing Plan mean?

With the Advantaged Pricing program- also known as Atlassian the grandfathering program - Atlassian has been able to save customers from high list price increases by placing them on advantaged pricing plans. These plans are supposed to increase over time to list prices.

You are in the Advantaged Pricing plan, if you initial licenses were purchased on or before the dates listed in the table below.

ProcuktServer  Data Center
Jira Software03.10.201902.02.2021 
Exception for Jira Software (500 user tier) - there are multiple plans.
Jira Work Management (Jira Core)03.10.2019 Not available on Data Center
Jira Service ManagementNo server advantaged plans02.02.2021 

Which server and Data Denter products are specifically affected by the price increase in the Advantaged Pricing?

  • Jira Software Server/Data Center
  • Confluence Server/Data Center
  • Jira Work Management (Server)
  • Jira Service Management (Data Center)

Price increases of server licenses in Advantaged Pricing

UserJira SoftwareConfluenceJira Work Management (Jira Core)
500 - 10k20%20%20%

Price increases of Data Center licenses in Advantaged Pricing

UserJira SoftwareConfluenceJira Service Management
500 - Unlimited15%15%13%

Why are upgrades/downgrades and new feature developments for Atlassian server licenses being discontinued?

Last year, Atlassian announced the end-of-life for their server products, which is scheduled to take effect in February 2024. By doing so, the company made a clear statement - which is that the strategic focus from now on will be on cloud and Data Center enterprise solutions. The background to this decision is that Atlassian wants to react more flexibly and quickly to the constantly changing requirements of customers.

As the software vendor continues to invest in optimizing Atlassian Cloud, the development of new features for server products will be discontinued. However, the company continues to promise to deliver bug fixes for critical security vulnerabilities until the end-of-life for servers in February 2024.

How can you react to these changes?

The following options are available until February 15th 2022:

  • Until 15.02.2022 you can save an extension of your licenses to your previous conditions.
  • You can purchase an upgrade of your licenses to your current conditions.
  • Another option is choosing to move to the cloud (of course, this option will be available to you even after 15.02.2022).

We know that changes of this kind can cause concerns and questions. That's why we want to support you in the decision-making process and evaluate together which path is the best for you.

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