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Your advisor for Atlassian software solutions

As an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, we offer the right software solution for all departments as well as a fast and competent consulting. For the traditional company that wants to take the step into the future, right up to the start-up: Our solutions are simple, from a single source and perfectly tailored to your company. We provide you with individual Atlassian software licenses as well as all-round carefree solutions for your individual application. Our many years of experience, the lived experience of lifelong learning, the enthusiasm for innovation, the feeling for current trends and new opportunities and development opportunities characterize venITure. We work on the cutting edge and already have the solutions today for your questions of tomorrow.


Solutions that add value

The IT solutions offered by venITure ensure better collaboration between teams and efficient processes across industries. Regardless of the industry, our solutions play a major role in successful digital corporate management. Whether software team, service team or business team, with our solutions in the areas of knowledge management, project management, task management and process digitization, we drive the digital transformation of your company. In all of our areas of application, the focus is always on efficiency and effectiveness for our customers.
Digital transformation for your company
We expand your infrastructure and improve digital collaboration so that you can maximize your ROI.
Atlassian software consulting
venITure is one of the largest Atlassian consultants in the EMEA region and a certified Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner. As part of our consulting service, we create the right Atlassian toolset for you and adapt the individual software solutions to your needs.
Implementation of agile frameworks
With the help of Atlassian software, we create a high-quality and flexible infrastructure that forms the basis for the successful implementation of agile methods and processes.
Omnichannel customer engagement
On the basis of Infobip products, we help you to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with your customers. We link your systems with common communication platforms, create opportunities for personalized communication and provide intelligent chatbots.
Digitization of public institutions
With our know-how, we not only want to drive digitization in companies, but also help public institutions to design efficient digital processes and to tailor them to the end user.


This is how we will support you



We offer official Atlassian product training courses that you can book online for yourself or your team at any time. With our training courses, you ensure that you can get the most out of your Atlassian toolset in your day-to-day work.

Advice & implementation

We find the best digital solution for your business processes, support you during implementation and offer you full service and performance optimization for the operation of your Atlassian tools.

License management

We offer you a comprehensive, fast and inexpensive license service for Atlassian and Infobip products. At the same time, we would be happy to help you optimize your existing license model.


Together with our cooperation partner Caelor, we develop customer-specific apps for you so that your Atlassian tools can be perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

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Our success stories

We develop and design solutions based on Atlassian tools for start-ups, medium-sized businesses and well-known brands. Here you can find various reports about our customer projects.

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