We introduce: The Atlassian tool Bitbucket

Bitbucket is the perfect tool for your development team to work efficiently together on codes
Bitbucket Illustration


What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is a web-based online service for version management of software development projects. The Atlassian product is suitable for any development team thanks to its cloud and data centre variants. Teamwork is improved by Bitbucket, as several team members can comfortably work on a code in parallel without restricting each other by creating forks. The ability to merge forks back together grants developing teams a high degree of flexibility. This allows your team to plan projects, collaborate on code, and perform tests and roll-outs in a single location. Software development projects can be stored in repositories. Users have their own private repository by default.


Bitbucket is permanently free for small groups and companies with up to 5 users. For larger user groups, however, the software becomes chargeable: prices here range from about 3 US dollars per user to about 6 US dollars per user per month.
Bitbucket is particularly secure due to 2-factor authentication: users must pass a security check in addition to a password before they can work on the code base.
With Bitbucket, pull requests can be provided by the user with a list of desired reviewers.
Bitbucket pipelines automate the workflow from individual push/pull requests to the complete repository build.
One UI for all purposes: Bitbucket allows you to build, test and deliver your software to your customers within the same environment without being taken out of context.
Snippets, collections of arbitrary code snippets, are available. This makes it very easy to distribute tricks of the trade.

This is how Bitbucket works


Cooperation on a high level

With the inline comments function, we enable you to conduct discussions directly in the source code. In this way, you can quickly and efficiently complete the necessary code reviews via pull requests. In addition, this enables you and your team to work in an agile manner. We not only help you to sustainably improve the quality of your code, but also to expand your team's knowledge base.


First class Jira & Trello Integration

By integrating Jira & Trello, we enable you to keep all stakeholders informed. Projects are organised more effectively by creating Bitbucket branches directly from Jira tasks or Trello cards. Together we implement an agile way of working in your team: open pull requests and commits from Jira, review code or change it in branches created in parallel. Improve your workflow and use the integrated trigger functions for automatic status transition during code reviews or when merging codes. 
All common workflows, such as feature branch, gitflow or forking workflows are directly supported in Bitbucket. 


Automatic continuous integration- & continuous delivery-processes

Bitbucket pipelines are a particularly useful feature of Bitbucket and automate the work with your code from test to production. The results of each step are represented by easy-to-interpret symbols. The symbols indicate whether the integrity of the code is given. This makes it easy to see if there is a problem when deploying the software. Build, test and deploy with integrated CI/CD. Benefit from configurations as code and fast feedback loops.


Code-enabled search

Save valuable time with Bitbucket's intelligent search function. The search results that are most useful to you are displayed. Not only are abstract terms searched, but Bitbucket also allows you to search for codes and commits. Alternatively, individual repositories can also be searched.



Branch permissions give your teams maximum access control. This ensures a secure workflow, as only authorised users who have received authorisation can make changes to the code. Restrict access to specific users and control their actions with branch permissions, ensuring the quality of your code. Use IP whitelisting, enforce merge checks and two-factor authentication (2FA). Alternatively, use Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) to protect your code with a second confirmation in addition to a password. SOC 2 Type II certification guarantees that the code is secure and that you can access it at any time.
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