Agilecraft is now called Jira Align

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30. Apr. 19

This year's Atlassian Summit took place in the fascinating city of Las Vegas. With more than 5,000 visitors, mainly consisting of software developers and experts from the IT industry, this summit was the largest ever for the Australian company. As in previous years, the event again served as a platform to announce numerous announcements. These were mainly about new functions and integrations around the entire product portfolio of Atlassian. One particularly important piece of news was the renaming of AgileCraft to Jira Align. Just a month ago, Atlassian acquired software provider AgileCraft for around $166 million. This acquisition was the third after the acquisition of OpsGenie in 2018 and Trello in 2017.

AgileCraft is a management tool that provides leaders with the tools and metrics they need in the area of "agile business planning". By merging AgileCraft and Jira, Atlassian aims to provide greater transparency, enable better collaboration for teams in real time, and drive agile value in organisations.

The difference to existing products in the Atlassian product portfolio is that Jira Align is suitable for expanding agile practices within larger companies. This is because large companies in particular find it difficult to build structures between their teams that are based on transparency. In most cases, it is a challenge for them to work quickly and flexibly like small or medium-sized companies. However, as flexibility and speed are essential components of agile working methods, solving this problem is necessary. Jira Align was developed to fill exactly this gap.

We are very excited about the latest product in the Atlassian family and can't wait to see how our customers will benefit from Jira Align's many advantages in the future.

You can get more information and even a live demo of the product at the following link:

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