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How do I create a project in Jira?

How do I create a project in Jira?
Atlassian Jira products have two main types of projects. Team managed and company managed projects. As the name suggests, the team-managed project can be fully managed by its own team, while the company-managed project can only be managed by the company. This means that only the administrators can be managed. By default, any team member can create a team-managed project. Jira offers many different project templates tailored to your team's needs and workflows. For example, you can create projects optimized for tracking simple, straightforward tasks for marketing, legal, HR, or other business teams. To create a project: 1. Select Projects > Create project in the navigation. 2. Under project templates, templates are grouped into a library of use-case based categories. Under Products, templates are grouped by Jira Cloud products. Choose a category or product. 3. Learn more about the available templates and select a template. 4. View the detailed information on the template and choose Use template. 5. Give your project a name. You can change your service project template by selecting Change template. 6. Choose who can access your project and the default language of the project. 7. Select Create. Jira automatically generate a project key when the project is created. Whoever created the project is set as the project lead by default. To change these details: 1. From your project's sidebar, select Project settings. 2. Select Details.

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