Sponsored Development

venITure provides sponsored development for companies of all sizes. In particular this means that we offer new solutions or new features to already existing business applications. The development and implementation is based on your individual requirements, but will still meet the needs of others. Compared to a standard development service, we will continue maintaining and promoting the final product. In the following we will give you an overview of what it takes to successfully establish this approach and the resulting benefits for all parties involved.


The benefits of a partner program

Part of this approach is a well organised collaboration and constant communication, which will give you the opportunity to influence and shape the end product with your own visions and concepts. We offer a partnership based on full transparency from the very beginning, meaning that we share any step with your experts during the whole development process. Our qualified development team is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the product, even after it went live. So you can just benefit from the results without investing time in training your own team into the latest software development techniques. As we mentioned before, we will promote the final solution to a wider community. This means that other companies can share their own ideas, so we can continue adding new features to optimise the product. The best part is that you will benefit from their development, since any improvement on the product can be implemented into your system right away. Presenting the solution to other parties will provide you with a lot of qualified feedback. This will help you to get a better impression of the demand situation on the market and what you need to consider in order to increase the attractiveness of your product. Another very important factor is that, if you decide on a sponsored development partnership you will reduce your costs significantly, as you will also benefit from the revenues of the product.

As you can see a sponsored development is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you are interested in a partnership, feel free to contact us.


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