Agile at Scale

Today, we are living in a digital age, characterised by internalisation, constant change and rapid development of technologies. These characteristics increase the complexity of products, structures and conditions required to ensure the survival of companies. In order to remain competitive and innovative in a globalised business environment, companies need to move beyond traditional working methods and establish a culture of continual adaptation. This requires shorter release cycles for new products with more distinctive features, that stand out in the market.

How does a company remain competitive in the digital market?

Stakeholders are expected to understand the market by analysing and interpreting its signals to extract the right information and requirements. Information is not always complete or correct, which is why stakeholders need to be supported and lead with adequate structures to minimise misinformation.
When the quality of information is ensured, it needs to be distributed accordingly. It is essential, that all affected teams have a common information base. A common information base facilitates coordination and enables teams to work and plan more autonomously.
As the size and number of teams increases, coordination processes tend to become more complex and inefficient. Initially correct information starts to become distortet and teams fail to deliver quality.
Overcoming this basic yet crucial weakness is one of the key factors in gaining performance and quality and ultimately becoming highly responsive to the ever-changing digital market. Counteracting the negative impact of growing organisational and cooperative structures on information flow requires a well established approach, which enables fast reaction to change and makes information transparant across multiple organisational and cooperative structures.

venITure's solution approach is to enable companies to reassess information and react to new information on time. The concept of this approach is based on lean management and utilises short development and innovation cycles in order to increase reaction time and quality. Well estabished agile frameworks, like SAFe or LeSS, are used to realise this approach. Based on predominant conditions the best fitting framework is selected, implemented and adapted to the specific needs of the respective company.

SAFe - Business Agility

In the following we would like to point out how you can implement an agile approach based on the Atlassian tools.

In the digital market new challenges do not necessarily need new tools and methods to be overcome. Extant tools can be utilised to do so. Scrum and Kanban are still preferred concepts to ensure successful team internal projects. This approach requires special software that facilitates processes such as sprint planning or planning the Kanban backlog. This method is implemented using Jira software from Atlassian and the functionalities of the boards.

In order to scale the different teams as well as the work of the teams and align them with the initiatives of the management, a more abstract level is needed. This is the level at which business objectives are defined and planned. To guarantee the fulfillment of the goals, the tasks on team level are assigned to these goals. The background of each task is thus communicated to all company hierarchies. The abstract level of company goals can be planned together with the associated tasks and displayed in a timeline. Dependencies are thus clearly recognizable through the existing hierarchy of planning by the management compared to the execution of tasks on team level.

Reports, such as that of a critical path, can thus be evaluated and immediately show the threat to a company goal. The individual evaluation options, which are also available in real time, allow you to react accordingly at any time. 

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