A multitude of opportunities in a young, growing company

venITure has no rigid structures. Staff are, of course, roughly divided into different areas and specializations, but because of our flat hierarchy, when there is work to do, everyone gets involved. From managing director to working student. 'Hands-on' is how we work, and we expect the same from you. A positive side effect is the steep learning curve due to the constant exposure to new, hitherto unknown aspects of the many different tasks.

A job at venITure means gaining the sort of diverse experience that is hardly possible in a large company. That we expect our staff to be able to think and work independently, means that we expect a high degree of initiative and motivation, but also that you will gain valuable experience and deep insights into the diverse business life of a growing IT service provider and medium-sized company.

Are you interested in our areas of expertise and our company philosophy? Do you want to become a part of venITure and build something new together? Then apply now!

Either speculatively or in answer to one of our job advertisements.

For all applications in answer to job advertisements as well as unsolicited applications:

What we are looking for!

  • Digital natives or digital immigrants. We don't want to have to explain how to start a computer or use a smartphone!
  • Experience with Atlassian products is desirable but not necessary
  • Experience in software development, app development or quality assurance is desirable, but not necessary

What we expect!

  • Keywords: Independence and initiative (Even if you don't know how to start a computer, you should be able to find out by yourself)
  • Strong communication skills, commitment and a passion for learning new things
  • The ability to think and not just do

What we don't need!

  • Nine-to-five mentality
  • Lethargy & Aversion to work
  • Unreliability

Where we want to go!

  • Into the next joint IT venture

What we offer?

  • A job that interests you
  • Flexible working hours
    • We understand that you also have a private life. Work-Life-Balance and home-office are not foreign concepts to us
  • Salary and Benefits
    • Coffee and drinks are included in the office. We pay a fair and competitive salary so that you can also survive when not on the business premises.
  • Team spirit and employee events
    • Work alone does not make a team grow together. That's why there are regular lunches and of course team events
  • Acclaim
    • Those who achieve a lot deserve a lot of recognition. We do not believe in standardized glass trophies that only gather dust, but show real recognition. This is manifested in many ways and individually, from further training, bonus payments, additional holidays or creative surprises. If your performance convinces us and you have a good idea, then we would be delighted to talk to you about how we can develop your innovation together.
    • If an employee award is more important to you, we will of course print out a certificate for you.
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