Tue, 04/30/2019 - 11:12
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This year’s Atlassian Summit took place in fabulous Las Vegas. With more than 5000 people, mainly consisting of IT professionals and software developers, it was the Australian company’s biggest summit so far. Several announcements including new features and integrations throughout Atlassian’s product portfolio were made. One major announcement was the rebranding of AgileCraft into Jira Align. The software vendor AgileCraft was acquired by Atlassian for $166 million just a month ago. It was the third acquisition after OpsGenie in 2018 and Trello in 2017.

AgileCraft is a management tool, which supports business and scaled agile software development in one platform. With the merger of AgileCraft and Jira, Atlassian targets to bring more visibility, provide better team collaboration in real-time and increase the value of agility within enterprises.

The difference to already existing products in the Atlassian product portfolio is that Jira Align is suited to extend agile practices within larger businesses. Especially bigger enterprises find it difficult to build transparently working connections across their teams. In most cases it is challenging for them to work as fast and flexible as small or medium sized companies. But since flexibility and speed are essential elements of agile development this problem needs to be solved. In order to fill this gap, Jira Align was developed!

We are excited about the newest addition to the Atlassian family and can’t wait to witness the various benefits for customers in the near future.

If you are interested in getting more information or seeing a live demo of Jira Align, click here https://agilecraft.com/

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