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Trello offers teams the opportunity to participate in all projects in a visual way. From a single Trello board, a complete overview of the status of the project is given. Priorities can be set and attachments can be loaded into the relevant maps. The following image shows an example of the outdated analogue method, in which valuable time is lost as well as paper and ink is made.

Trello oldschool

And this is how the digital version could look like, Trello!

Trello Board

There is the possibility for everyone working on the project can view the status of tasks. Another feature is that you do not have to send any email within the project, which simplifies the communication path. In addition, the easily adjustable appointments and calendar views mean that deadlines are no longer missed. These features ensure seamless collaboration for Trello users

Communication is taking place where work is getting done. Another benefit of Trello is that it allows employees to view data in real time. This keeps all users up to date at any time. Trello is a web based app that works in any browser. The use on mobile devices (offline as well) is also possible. 

Jira + Trello

Trello jira

You can track the status of issues across the enterprise. Create new Jira issues or link existing Jira issues with Trello cards. If you still use analog Kanban boards, please contact us. We will help you with the right integration of Trello in your company.

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