Become an Atlassian expert with our help as Atlassian Solution Partner

The successful introduction of new software requires not only technical implementation. True success involves teaching the users to operate the software effectively. The best way to do this is with a training course run by a qualified instructor.

Prevention is better than aftercare - Save your nerves and expenses

The right training at the beginning or prior to use will save you many hours in the future. With a training course, you benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of our certified Atlassian consultants. As an Atlassian Solution Partner we understand how to adapt our training to your requirements and needs. Therefore the content and level (beginners, advanced users, administrators) will be adapted to your individual requirements. We respond to your use-specific questions or problems during the training course.

Location-independent - Germany-wide – worldwide

In consultation with you, we will find a suitable location for the training. We would be pleased to come directly to your company, thus allowing your employees to take part in the training during their working hours, on your premises or directly at their own workplace. This saves travel expenses for your employees, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Training in a familiar location avoids distractions and is more pleasant for the employee.

We pick you up from where you are.

User training courses

venITure offers training courses and training sessions for beginners that meet the user at the level they are at. Our beginner training does not require any previous knowledge of Atlassian products or their use. We introduce you to all the basic functions of the Atlassian software. We provide you with tips and tricks to deal with typical beginner problems and obstacles in the application of the software at an early stage.

Administrator training

Effective administration is often based on a mix of expertise and experience.

Compared to many Microsoft products, the administration of Atlassian software is relatively simple. Atlassian software can be intuitively managed by experienced administrators as you would expect from a modern web application. Nevertheless, especially in the initial stages of administration, many mistakes can be made which only become apparent years later. Not every initial error can be undone after longer and more intensive use. In order to avoid a situation where maintenance or troubleshooting is no longer possible, we recommend that you train your responsible personnel at an early stage.

Learning by doing from the very first minute

Our training and instruction concept is not limited to frontal instruction and the subsequent distribution of training material. We are convinced that diving in and actually using the software from the very start yields the best results. Within the framework of our training courses, participants have the opportunity to try out all functions of the Atlassian software on an independent test system. This allows participants to familiarize themselves with the Atlassian software without endangering their existing system.

Self-Learning with the documentation from Atlassian?

The documentation from Atlassian helps in some cases to answer initial questions or to look up specific information after a training session. But what about company-specific questions? What is the right answer for a particular case? How do the many add-ons work and what are their advantages? Especially with Atlassian apps, you are heavily reliant on manufacturers or experienced users, since apps often do not offer equivalent documentation.

Atlassian app training - more than just Atlassian products

venITure is not only an Atlassian Solution Partner, but also an official Tempo Partner. Our certification ensures that we can explain complex apps such as Tempo to you and train your employees in the correct use of Tempo. In addition, we have extensive experience with a variety of other Atlassian apps, which is why we are able to compensate for the often missing documentation in apps and use our extensive knowledge to help you with your questions and problems.

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