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Whether server issues, production bugs or DDoS attacks - downtimes can occur anywhere. Be the first to receive action information so your team can focus on fixing the current issue.

Customer satisfaction

Customers value transparency. Statuspage enables you to send them preconfigured notifications for outages and scheduled maintenance work in real time. Statuspage is the perfect tool to turn a critical situation into an unforgettable customer experience.

Give your customers the insights they need and view the status of each core component of your service. Show your track record in terms of availability and publish characteristic performance metrics such as availability and reaction time.

When you provide services to hundreds or thousands of employees, mass e-mails are no longer the right choice for information on processes. Provide your employees with a central source of information and let them define relevant notifications themselves. Set up SSO for your private page, automate your monitoring tools and avoid replying to status emails.

Status indicator for more than 150 cloud software providers

View the status of the critical tools your service depends on. Statuspage offers the largest and fastest growing network of third-party

components of services such as Stripe, Mailgun, and PagerDuty. Just choose the tools you use.

Updates directly from the source

Third party components update your status page the same second that one of your providers downsets or returns to service. There is no longer any need for a middleman or to find a vendor to get an update.


Statuspage Support

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we offer supporting you in the implementation and setting up of the system.

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