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The unrestricted and easy use of Atlassian products such as Confluence or Jira is a challenge for every internal IT department. The smooth operation of an Atlassian instance is usually not a core competence of the internal IT department. Often the requirements for the Atlassian instances are much higher than the Atlassian Cloud can meet. Regardless of whether you want to run your Jira instance on-premises on your company server or as managed hosting in our data center in Düsseldorf, the location of the servers is not important for our service. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, venITure offers you not only compliance with the highest security standards, but also the necessary application expertise and many years of experience.


Unlimited access to your system despite managed hosting

If you also want complete access to your server instances and server data in managed hosting mode, we can set up SSH access (Secure Shell) to your instances. This protection gives you direct and secure access to the file systems of the instances, even in managed hosting mode. On request, we can always provide you with redundant servers to ensure smooth operation. For particularly business-critical instances, we offer you the option of replicating your instance fully automated at our second location. Your business-critical applications are protected from a total loss of a data center and are available again within a very short time in case of a failure. If you want to ensure that there are no failures at all, we recommend the Data Center version of Jira and Confluence. This version allows us to build a reliable infrastructure.


We watch while others are asleep

The constant monitoring by our administrators during managed hosting gives you the assurance that all instances are running smoothly and in case of doubt maintenance can be initiated within seconds. Trained and certified administrators ensure that in case of emergency the problem is solved quickly.


Always up to date

Our experienced team supports you with all updates of your Atlassian products and apps according to your licenses. If you wish a complete takeover of the updates, this can also be managed by venITure. If you combine our managed hosting service with our Atlassian license management, you automatically stay up to date and on the safe side. Since updates can also contain errors, we always test an update first on a test instance and put it to the acid test. Security patches for the operating systems of the servers are regularly installed by us. This ensures that your server and the corresponding application is always up to date, also with regards to security.


Your trust is our priority

Your security and trust are our most important concerns. We ensure the protected handling of sensitive data and compliance with European and German data protection laws. Therefore, all our managed hosting systems are secured and completely encrypted. Only good encryption guarantees a high level of data protection and tamper-proof operation of the server instances. Our Managed Hosting servers are located exclusively in German data centers. This means that all instances hosted by venITure are subject to German and European data protection law and are therefore protected in the best possible way. Each of our calculators is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2008. Access to your instance is only possible with a certified and encrypted web transmission (SSL), of which you are familiar from online banking. You can achieve even more security by integrating your applications into your existing central user administration (Active Directory) and limiting access via VPN full tunnel access. Of course, you can also use our experience for your own instances running on your internal company server.

A complete data protection strategy also requires a backup & disaster recovery strategy. In the event of hardware failure or external attacks, the system can be fully recovered in minutes. Our backup method is not only limited to the data from the database, but also secures the complete operating system of the instances. In exceptional situations, such as an unexpected instance failure, disaster recovery has the highest priority. Just specify which recovery time you need, and we will implement it.


Cloud hosting or local hosting – We are the experts for all Atlassian instances and hosting solutions

The Atlassian Cloud products offer many advantages to run a smooth business. There is no necessity for manual updates or complicated facilities. However, Atlassian provides only limited Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The use of your internal company accounts (Single Sign-On, SSO) in the cloud can only be used with the Atlassian Identity Manager via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). It is not possible to control license access or transfer existing user rights and groups from an internal LDAP. With regards to the basic EU data protection regulation (EU 2016/679), there are considerable insecurities and risks whether cloud solutions meet the requirements of German and European data protection law. Considering the high fines under Article 83 of the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation, which in the worst case are based on up to 4% of the company's total worldwide annual turnover in the previous financial year, no risk should be taken in case of legal uncertainties.

It is also important to mention that every provider of cloud apps stores and processes the data themselves. This means that with each app, you create a new dependency of the data to a new provider. If the app provider fails, you will not have access to your data.


Migration of Atlassian Instances

If a migration from Atlassian Cloud, Server or Data Center to your own or our managed hosting servers is desired, we will support you with our years of experience. A high number of successfully implemented migrations speak for a profitable and fast migration. We offer you a team including a contact person. The one in charge performs all technical migration processes on your servers and then transfers the instance over to you.

With our standard Managed Hosting you get a fully configured and ready to use Jira or Confluence instance. Electricity, maintenance and Internet traffic are included in the price as a flat rate.


Our Basic Configuration - Standard Managed Hosting Services

With our standard managed hosting you get a fully configured and ready to use Atlassian Jira or Confluence instance. Electricity, maintenance and Internet traffic are included in the price as a flat rate.

We offer you all Atlassian Server products as a carefree package:

  • Complete setup of servers and software
  • Take full advantage of Atlassian Server products
  • Simple connection to SSO solution (LDAP and Active-Directory)
  • Maintenance and updates of the software and server
  • Optimized and secured server from our specialists

Talk to us and we will expand our basic configuration according to your individual  needs and requirements.

These support services are available in all managed hosting packages from venITure:

  • Availability of the supervising system administrators weekdays from 9 to 18 o'clock via E-Mail or Phone
  • Consulting on customization of hosting packages (e.g. Upgrade with increasing number of users)
  • Recovery of backups
  • Guaranteed response time during business hours: 5h
  • 24/7 Monitoring the system and applications
  • Remedying of notifications outside normal business hours takes place after 'Best Effort'.
  • Free emergency support in case of failure of server or application(excluded the cases negligently caused by the customer)
  • Free emergency support for the application running on the system. Incl. services:
    • Checking the webserver-, applications server- and log files.
    • Restart the services needed for the application (web- and applications server), so that the application is available again.
  Cloud-Hosting On-Premises-Hosting venITure Managed-Hosting
Availability 24/7 24/7 24/7
Location Amazon Cloud in the USA At your place Düsseldorf or at your place
Adaptation/ Customizing of Atlassian Software - According to your requirements possible According to your requirements possible
Single Sign-on - + Integration into your user administration + Integration into your user administration
Administration of the server + - By yourself + We for you
Support-Services Atlassian Standard Support (Englisch) German support by venITure. Weekdays at regular office hours or according to individual agreement 24/7 German support von venITure. Weekdays at regular office hours or according to individual agreement 24/7
SLA - + +
Updates + + +
Update-Test run of your instance - + +
Own dedicated server instances - + in your responsibility +
Backup & Recovery Once every 24 hoursn. Max 7 days. Unlimited and according to individual agreement and rhythm Unlimited and according to individual agreement and rhythm
License management On your own responsibility or with our license administration. On your own responsibility or with our license administration. On your own responsibility or with our license administration.
Compliance with German & European data protection laws - Not guaranteed. + if your servers are in Germany and you observe the law. + Compliance with European and German data protection law by us on our servers in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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