We advise you before purchasing a license. Transparent, simple and cost-effective.

We find the right licensing model for your needs and ensure that you have exactly the products and licenses you need. We not only advise you on the purchase of your first Atlassian license, but we also manage your licenses on an ongoing basis.

5 or 5000 employees? Only pay for what you actually use

With Atlassian, the high-cost, one time purchase of software is a thing of the past. The pricing of licenses for the use of Atlassian products is based simply and fairly on the number of users. Regardless of whether you are working with your Atlassian products via a cloud solution or use an on-premise solution or our managed-hosting for data protection or security reasons, we will find the right licensing solution for your requirements.  The Atlassian license that is right for you depends on your number of active users. Active users are all individuals that have been allocated a license and are therefore able to log in to the system. 

Plugins and Apps for your Atlassian products

Many plugins and apps for Atlassian products are also subject to licensing terms. We keep track of the Atlassian Marketplace's plugin and app jungle and the large number of plugins and apps. License management at venITure covers everything related to Atlassian.

Stay up-to-date at half price

Avoid the security vulnerabilities associated with using outdated software and stay up-to-date. The Atlassian license model therefore offers you a 50% discount on the license fees from the second year of continuous use. This means that you can stay up to date at a lower price than ever before. Additionally, if you do renew, we can set all your licenses to one expiry date, i.e. co-term them, so that in the future you will only have to renew them once a year.

Atlassian License Review

Do you already have licenses for one or more Atlassian products or Atlassian apps? Then take advantage of our comprehensive license review now. We monitor and analyze your existing license portfolio and will be happy to advise you on whether a more effective or cheaper license design is an option for you.

We keep the overview for you and provide you with long-term planning security. Fed up with renewing different individual licenses every month? Let us bundle your licenses into one fixed renewal date. This simplifies your cost calculation and billing, and saves you work because you only have to make a decision once a year. We will do everything else.

License management and renewals

We keep track of your license periods and expiration dates and remind you in good time of upcoming renewals. We will always find the most cost-effective alternative for your needs. With our license management from a single source, you can also maintain an overview of your total costs. We can give you a transparent breakdown of your current and future license costs at any time.

Avoid unnecessary or duplicate licenses

You have licenses for Jira Core and Jira Software? Plus countless Atlassian apps? We analyze and advise you continuously which software and Atlassian apps you really need, or whether you can merge Atlassian apps to reduce your license costs.

Public invitations to tender and award of public sector contracts

License management and other venITure services are of course also available to the public sector at federal and state level. venITure regularly participates in European-wide public tenders.

In addition, our range of services is also competitive and priced under the EU thresholds when it comes to awarding contracts. Particularly with regard to the different value limits and tendering limits within the countries and municipalities when it comes to directly awarding contracts in the EU, our pricing allows us to submit competitive offers even before the contract award process.

We support all levels of governments in their move into the future in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).

If you are a representative of the public sector, please contact us today without obligation, and let us convince you of the quality of our services.

The Atlassian License Model: Summary:

How do I decide which user tier I need?

The size of the Atlassian license depends on the number of active users. Active users are all individuals that have been allocated a license and are therefore able to log in to the system.

What does the license include?

The license gives you the unlimited (permanent) right to use the Atlassian product in question. It also includes software maintenance/support for 12 months from the date of purchase. Support means that during this time you can download all published security and system updates, free of charge and can make use of the English-language Atlassian Support.

What happens when your license expires?

There is a difference between server and cloud licenses. When a cloud license expires, your instance is deactivated. You do however have a certain period of time in which you can renew your license.

When it comes to server instances, however, you can carry on using the product after the license expires. You are only not able to install new updates. If you try, your system enters a read-only mode.

venITure recommends carrying out regular system updates. Our consultants can help you work out which update interval is right for which product.

How do I extend a license?

The support period can be extended, usually for an extra twelve months. These 'renewals' cost only 50% of the price of a new license. If you have purchased multiple products at different times then you will also be faced with a whole range of different expiry dates. venITure can combine these expiry dates by co-terming them to a single expiry date.

What happens if I have too many users?

In that case, on that that server instance, the system automatically switches to a read-only mode until you have adjusted the number of users in line with your license.

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