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Your customers and employees need fast and easy support for service requests? For this Jira Service Desk is essential as a service desk software for your modern IT teams. We support you with the introduction and a smooth transition to Jira Service Desk. Take advantage of our experience in setting up Jira Service Desk to avoid performance losses. service desk2


Optimal collaboration between customers, IT teams and developers



It is possible to link Jira Service Desk with Jira Software, allowing IT and development teams to work together on a shared platform.



Jira Service Desk offers a lot of possibilities

Many interested parties, but also users, underestimate the variety of application areas and possibilities offered by Jira Service Desk.

Frequently even long-term users do not know which door has to be opened in order to take full benefit of Jira Service Desk. The simple user interface distinguishes Jira Service Desk from the well-known alternatives on the market.



We integrate your own knowledge databases from

  • Easy to use and implement - Simple, structured and well-thought-out user interface. Jira Service Desk makes it easier for you to work on service and support requests.
  • Easy integration with Jira Core, Software & Jira, but also many users, underestimate the variety of applications and possibilities offered by Jira Service Desk.
  • Often, even longtime users do not know what (hidden) possibilities Jira Service Desk has to offer. It’s simple and intuitive user interface distinguishes Jira Service Desk from the well-known alternatives on the market. A new system always brings new challenges with it. It also offers a new opportunity to simplify many existing processes. Automate your service processes and increase your long-term effectiveness by reducing the amount of manual information you have to process. We show you, for example, how your premium customers can automatically be given a higher priority when it comes to processing service requests, which ultimately guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Let us at venITure provide you with qualified advice on how a customized introduction of Jira Service Desk, or an optimization of your existing service instance, could change your services for the better.


    Advantages of introducing a new Jira Service Desk

    If your previous services or help desk activities are still being done in the old-fashioned way, it’s time for a change. Stop with all the telephone calls, e-mail distribution lists, task distribution in meetings, by phone or on bits of paper. Say 'adieu' to disorder and inefficiency. By introducing Jira Service Desk, you will be able to bundle all requests and prioritize them correctly. To support Jira Service Desk, you can also create a comprehensive knowledge database to optimize troubleshooting as much as possible.

    Get in touch with us and we will give you qualified advice within the scope of our full-service consulting, even if you do not have a help desk or service desk tool in use yet. If you are already using Jira Service Desk, we will be happy to show you how you can achieve even more performance.


    Changing and migrating to Jira Service Desk

    Even if you are already using a service desk tool from another provider (OTRS or similar), you should consider switching to the market leader. G2Crowd lists Jira Service Desk among the market leaders in the category of Best Service Desk Software. Good reasons for migration include not only the intuitive interface of Jira Service Desk, but also the strategic decision to introduce a comprehensive task management tool.

    venITure supports you in migrating your existing service desk to Jira Service Desk and ensures a smooth transition, without downtime or any deterioration in service quality during the migration. In addition, we can also maintain the user interface that you and your customers are used to, or develop a clear and user-friendly interface especially for you. This, or course, also includes the connection to a mobile interface, for example to create and process orders and problems in Jira Service Desk from a smartphone or tablet, regardless of location.

    Service Desk – Mobile – App Interface

    If mobile order and ticket creation is required, we will gladly create an in-house customised smartphone/tablet app for you.

    Your advantage is that you can also make it easier for non-technical employees to create tickets and thus ultimately activate acceptance of the service desk and increase the efficiency of your business processes. Many people are already familiar with mobile apps in their private lives. We build on this existing knowledge and make ticket creation and administration easier than ever.

    Meet your customers, users and employees at the level they are already at, and avoid costly and time-consuming training.

    Development according to your requirements and wishes.


    Customized Support - The right person for every question

    You can achieve customer and user satisfaction through prompt and professional handling of service desk tickets. We create company-specific automatic processes that ensure that inquiries are immediately assigned to the right person. Avoid queues and the unnecessary waiting times associated with manual ticket management by selecting and prioritizing tickets. Use the resources saved to process the content of requests, not for administration.


    Help people to help themselves - Confluence with Service Desk takes you one step ahead

    Many internal inquiries to the Help Desk / Service Desk will be repeats of previous inquiries, as certain business processes and their resulting problems tend to repeat themselves on a regular basis. We can integrate your knowledge databases from Confluence into Jira Service Desk, so that prospective service ticket issuers receive answers to their problems without the involvement of a Service Desk employee. This is not about an automated dispatch of text modules, but about appropriate access to the already existing solution proposals for common or repetitive problems.

    We show you how to turn your Service Desk into a Self-Service Desk.

    From Jira Service Desk to Self-Service Desk.


    Cost efficiency and service effectiveness

    Jira Service Desk helps you to keep your costs down twice over. The fair Atlassian license price model is based on the number of service staff you have - regardless of the number of tickets created or your number of active or potential customers. At the same time, automation of Service Desk ticket management and the connection with Confluence to the Self-Service Desk will help you to reduce the workload on your service staff.


    Three good reasons for Atlassian Service Desk

    1. Uncomplicated in use and implementation

    Intuitive, structured and well thought-out user interface. Atlassian Service Desk makes it easier for you to handle service and support requests, search for solutions in the knowledge base and track and monitor requests. Of course, we can also provide training courses for you, if required, to ensure your user competence.

    2. Easy integration with Jira Core, Software, Confluence, HipChat

    Connect Service Desk with other Atlassian products and use the synergy effects to reach your goals faster. Within the framework of our Atlassian full-service consulting we will show you how to achieve this.

    3. Individual adaptation to your needs

    Service Desk is flexible when it comes to customization and extension. With our scripting solutions or complete add-ons, we fulfill your wishes and requirements.

    Jira Service Desk is ITIL certified.

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