Jira Core & Jira Software – Project management and process control in the digital age

Work smarter, more efficiently and more cost-effectively in all projects. Simultaneously avoid unnecessary redundancies, mass e-mails (CC. to all) and increase your employee and customer satisfaction with a transparent and central project management.

Preparation, planning, execution, management and monitoring of projects in one place, with an intuitive interface. Create and organize ad-hoc tasks in just a few steps or automate your “business-as-usual” work orders for your team or the entire company.

One system - infinite possibilities of use

Regardless of whether your company is a software development or a traditional company. Jira Core & Jira Software simplifies your project management and process control. Starting from a classic ticketing system, you can plan, manage and control all your projects. Jira Core & Jira Software offer you a permanent overview and control of your projects, starting from small project teams to large projects with an unlimited number of users.

Jira Software instead of Whiteboard or Outlook calendar

Digitize your business processes more easily than ever before.

Using Jira eliminates the need for redundant calendar and appointment management with Outlook. Jira automatically reminds you of tasks thanks to integrated time management and project planning. The Issues Calendar, Scrum and Kanban boards also give you an overview of the current status of your running projects and the individual project phases.

Get started now with the agility of today's world. Kanban and Scrum are completely supported by Jira Software and all necessary requirements are already integrated. With the help of Kanban Boards you always have an overview and can plan, prioritize and execute your projects with more agility than ever before.

Analyses, documentation, reports and evaluations

Planning, monitoring and continuous evaluation enables you to implement your lessons- learned-analysis immediately and continuously in your projects. The integrated visual representation of real-time data makes the evaluation and optimization of projects easier than ever before.

What do all these users know that you don't?

Atlassian’s Jira Core & Software is used by more than 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide and helps companies from all sectors and industries in their daily business. Many leading companies rely on Atlassian products, from software developers such as HubSpot to companies like AUDI, and even government organizations such as NASA.

Our services, as individual as your needs

We support your workflow with an appropriate individual project management implemented by Atlassian Jira. There is no need for you to adapt to the software - we adapt the software to your requirements and needs.

We either have the right Atlassian apps for your requirements or we develop them exactly according to your needs.

Application examples for every company

Jira is not only limited to the organization and control of software development teams. It also facilitates the handling of typical business processes such as HR processes in application management, time recording (billable hours, overtime compensation, vacation, illness) and accounting processes.

Take a look at our practical examples to get a first impression of the possibilities and the user interface of Jira.

Recruitment / HR

Unburden and structure the workflows in your HR department. Track and control the human resources management process from receipt of application to recruitment, including the different decision levels. Automate typical tasks and information management in the on-boarding and off-boarding process. Manage leave requests and other HR inquiries. All with the highest level of security and in compliance with the data protection requirements of personnel law.

Simplify content management, document sharing and approval

Manage corporate content, document drafts and creative content from design to final release in one place. Make document sharing, reviews, approval of contracts, internal rules, and other critical documents easier than ever before.

Procurement and Asset Management

Simplify your company-internal requisitions. From the request, to the decision and approval procedure, up to the acceptance of the delivery. Maintain not only an overview of your newly purchased company objects, but also manage your existing goods and assets.

Intuitive or with competent and comprehensive training

If you already have experience with other products from the Atlassian product family, such as Confluence, project management with Jira will be intuitive and easy. As part of our full-service concept, we support you from your first steps planning the integration of Jira Core or Jira Software into your company or the migration of your existing project management software, through to the implementation and training of your users in how to operate Jira. As a qualified and Atlassian-certified specialist staff, we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge for working with Jira Software, taking into account your individual software configuration and requirements.

Cloud-Hosting, on-premises or managed hosting

venITure is your reliable partner for all questions concerning the hosting of Jira. We offer you a cost-effective cloud-hosting of Jira Software as well as the operation on our own servers on-site or managed-hosting on our servers in Germany. As part of our managed- services- packages, you will also receive many other attractive services that go beyond the simple hosting of Jira Software.

Complete your Workflow with Confluence, HipChat and Service Desk

We support you with the integration of the different Atlassian products in order to achieve their useful interaction.

Stay up to date and receive automated notifications from Jira Software via HipChat. You can easily keep track of everything and transfer content from Jira Software and Confluence with just one click.

We can also provide you with a connection to standard programs such as Microsoft Word or the option to send content from Atlassian products directly by e-mail or to integrate it into Microsoft Outlook.

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