Efficient and secure communication and collaboration

Which communication media does your company use?

If you are mainly only coming up with the classic communication channels such as telephone, e-mail or face-to-face conversations and meetings, then it’s time to think ahead.

Are you still writing e-mails or are you communicating already?

Communication is essential to your business. However, in many situations e-mails are not really very efficient for productive communication. If you or your employees are involved in one or more projects, then you will be aware of the daily burden of 'mail-to-all in the project' or 'reply-to-all' answer e-mails. The time it takes you to filter whether you are actually addressed directly in any individual e-mail or whether it is even relevant for your part of the project could be spent more productively.

Although telephone calls or direct conversations are often useful and effective, with constant availability they can also seriously interrupt an employee’s workflow and simultaneously prevent the staff involved from being available for other tasks. In the case of absence and employees out of house, personal conversations can also be difficult to set up.

Instant messaging rethought

Instant messaging or team chats, on the other hand, help you to maintain the speed of your projects at a high level. Set up chat groups for departments or specific projects. Forget unnecessary all-in-one e-mails, but select the member of your team for whom the message is relevant in the project group chat, while at the same time still maintaining a constant flow of information and the big picture for all team members. This allows you to distribute information without friction loss.

HipChat - the secure corporate chat tool

We are used to chat tools or instant messengers like Whatsapp in our private environment. However, products such as Whatsapp are not a secure internal form of communication and therefore not an alternative appropriate extension to traditional communication channels.

HipChat, not only integrates seamlessly into your Atlassian environment, but also enables secure storage and management of your data in the internal corporate network.

A chat tool for all platforms – for staff and customer communication

Communication with HipChat is platform independent and is possible everywhere. Of course, direct contact via HipChat is also possible between your customers and your employees.

Even if you customer doesn't want to install HipChat it is always available via a browser-based web app. All you need is an internet connection. It doesn't even matter if your staff or customers are using a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Linux system to communicate.

HipChat can do more than just send smilies

HipChat is in fact infinitely expandable. Popular chat tools such as Whatsapp or Skype can rarely, and then not easily, be extended with features or applications. HipChat, offers you an extensive marketplace for extensions of any kind, just like all Atlassian products. We will be happy to advise you which app is the right one for you. If your extension is not yet available, we will be pleased to develop it for you.

Easy expansion with Atlassian products and third-party tools

HipChat can be combined with all Atlassian products in an uncomplicated and useful way.

For example, Atlassian Jira, linked to HipChat, allows you to open an appropriate chat room in HipChat directly from an existing ticket, in order to edit that ticket with the assigned employees. Due to the close connection between Jira and HipChat, friction losses or errors caused by copy & paste processes or mix-ups can be easily avoided. Further examples of use would include agreements between colleagues regarding who is working on which Jira Service Desk ticket, support requests during ticket processing and automated reminders or notifications on the issue status from a Jira project.

If a desired function is not already available in HipChat, we will help you to integrate available extensions or extensions developed especially for you by us, e.g. Chatbots. This way you can bring your communication into the future.

Single Sign-On with HipChat

You can also use your familiar in-company access authentication for the chat solution. With the single sign-on (SSO) procedure supported by HipChat, no further access data is necessary, saving you and your users valuable time.

HipChat functions at a glance:

  • Instant messaging & group chats
  • Customer & guest accesses
  • Video- & audio chat
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Support of all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) and as WebApp
  • Unlimited connectivity and integration with all Atlassian products and third-party tools
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities with Atlassian apps
  • Fair and cost-effective pricing: licensing model based on the number of users
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