Ensure constant reliability of your Atlassian products

If you think about the infrastructure of your business you will most likely notice that everything is clustered. So why shouldn't your Atlassian products be clustered as well? Every enterprise is aware about how challenging it can be to provide the highest performance of Atlassian products. Especially today more and more businesses rely on Atlassian products to keep control over their data and infrastructure. Therefore you should consider, whether you want to take the risk that system outages caused by overloaded servers, threaten the productivity of your employees. To avoid these kind of risks, Atlassian designed Data Center, a self-managed solution, which ensures the reliability and compliance of your Atlassian products.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  








Why you should upgrade to Data Center:

  • High Availability

Clustering multiple active servers provides constant access to your Atlassian applications. If one server crashes users will automatically be redirected to another server.


  • Performance at Scale

Each clustered node can be operated at the same time. As a result more users can access the server instances without sacrificing the performance of your Atlassian applications.


  • Instant Scalability

According to the changing needs of your business, add new nodes to your cluster easily, without risking any downtime or interruption.


  • Disaster Recovery

A separately located disaster recovery site, ensures the maintenance of your business continuity in case of a system outage.


  • Zero Downtime Upgrade (ZDU)

The upgrade mode ensures your users full access to all functionalities of your Atlassian applications during upgrade. 


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