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As a certified Atlassian Solution Partner, we support you with our experience and competence in the implementation and use of Confluence and with all resulting questions and requirements.

We show you the advantages of using Confluence for your company. As your Atlassian full-service provider, we support you in adapting Confluence to your individual needs. We present standard applications that are so far unknown to you, find you the perfect app, or indeed, develop individual Atlassian apps specifically for your needs.

Take your document management to the next level

Is your company still distributing documents and files (Word, Excel, PDF) as attachments via e-mail or are they stored in a confusing and duplicated way on private and public network drives? Isn't it frustrating how clear versioning or review processes are difficult to implement? We show you how to use Confluence to carry out your document management securely and permanently in a central location without unnecessary redundancies.

Confluence allows you to work on documents simultaneously or to perform continuous workflows with review and approval steps for your documents using Comala workflows. Archive your old documents in a fully automated process or introduce self-updating workflows. The monitoring and evaluation of accessed and used content is also easily possible in just a few steps. In this way, you can quickly and easily identify which documents are actually being used.

Simple assignment of rights even without your IT department

Confluence offers you easy rights management and eliminates the need to keep your IT department busy with a variety of rights approvals. We show you how to quickly and easily assign rights, available content and access options to the employees of your departments or subdivisions, reducing the workload for your IT. Content that was previously lost on network drives or in e-mail attachments can be accessed at any time with the integrated full text search in Confluence.

Work with Confluence anytime and anywhere

Confluence is also available on mobile devices independent of the operating system being used. All you need is a browser and internet access. All employee activities, feedback and synchronization are available at any time from a smartphone or PC. With our managed hosting for your confluence instance, we can take care of the technical management allowing you to concentrate on the content.

Corporate News, Intranet and Company Wiki

Publish internal company news in Confluence and save yourself the hassle of sending newsletters by e-mail. Avoid loss of knowledge and make sure that new employees can also see past content.

Enable your employees to find other colleagues and use Confluence to offer them a platform for an inter-organizational exchange of knowledge and content. We would be happy to advise you on how to set up an internal company wiki, a knowledge database to connect to Jira Service Desk or a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area that is operated by and for your employees, using their own expert knowledge.

New approaches to better cooperation

We show you how to extend Confluence as your company wiki with a gamification concept, whereby your employees build up intrinsic motivation to help their colleagues and at the same time help reduce the time and effort spent on training. Create internal surveys e.g. for the next team event and keep your employee satisfaction high with a transparent implementation and evaluation of the surveys.

Technical documentation according to ISO-9001 Process documentation

Use our document management and process documentation solution. Document your internal processes in Confluence and avoid duplicate process documentation. Take advantage of unexpected synergy effects and at the same time comply with your ISO documentation obligations with Confluence. Make your commitment a blessing. A simple documentation platform in one place helps you to create the necessary documentation faster and easier. With the full text search you enable your employees to find the necessary documentation easily and effectively at the same time. With Confluence’s comment function, you can also help your employees to suggest process improvements directly and highlight any errors. You can use workflows to design individualized review processes and promote regular content review of documents.

Work more closely and effectively with your customers

Provide your end customers with publicly accessible documentation. Confluence allows you to keep your documentation up to date, reducing your workload and offering your customers meaningful help to reduce support requests.

Especially in the agency environment, many documents have to be exchanged or developed together with the customers. With the simple rights management, you can quickly and accurately create access options for your customers to the desired content at Confluence. With the synchronous editing option, you have a valuable tool for the better integration of your customers compared to document exchange via e-mail or a network drive. Transparent traceability of changes and comments as well as clear versioning and version comparison are included.

Integration with Jira Core, Software and Service Desk

As part of our Atlassian Consulting as a full-service provider, we will show you how to create synergies with other Atlassian products and use a networked approach to get more performance from your Atlassian products.

Connect your Confluence knowledge base with Jira Service Desk to present problem solutions to your users before creating tickets in the Service Desk, this reduces support requests. At the same time, your support team documents new applied problem solutions in the central knowledge database and can reduce future queries.

We will also show you how to create automated dynamic requirement documents and how to integrate them into Jira. In this way, your Jira tickets are created by Confluence, but also keep a reciprocal reference to the documents and information stored there.

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