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venITure is your Atlassian partner for Confluence

As a certified Atlassian Solution Partner we support you with our experience and knowledge regarding all questions and requirements during the introduction and use of Confluence. 

We'll show you the benefits of using Confluence within your company and support you in customising Confluence according to your needs.

Collaboration on projectsConfluence 2

Does your company still send documents and files (Word, Excel, PDF) as attachments by email or store them on private and public network drives in a confusing way and sometimes even twice? We'll show you how Confluence helps you to manage your documents secure and permanent in one central source without unnecessary redundancies.


Intranet, Corporate-Wiki und News

Enable your employees to find other colleagues and provide a platform for internal knowledge and content exchange with Confluence. Publish internal company information in Confluence and avoid email newsletters. This way you avoid lose of knowledge and ensure that new employees can also access past content. You can publish, share, and organise all corporate information in one central location to facilitate self-service. The structured hierarchy and powerful search function help you to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.


Synchronisation between mobile device and desktop computer

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Track the activities of your team on the project they are currently working on.

It is also possible to give feedback via mobile devices and synchronise the content with the computer. Our managed hosting service takes care of the technical administration, while you can concentrate on the content without any concern.


Many other features

Confluence is MUCH MORE than just writing text. You can use Confluence to create project plans, product requirements, meeting notes and more. Dynamic multimedia content not only helps to make your work look more alive, it also simplifies your work.

More than 40,000 customers worldwide use Confluence, some of these being NASA or Spotify. Enterprise companies and great teams use Confluence to achieve maximum performance.

You can create diagrams, tables and calculations of your projects and enjoy a clear and user-friendly interface.Confluence 3

Integration with Jira Core, Software and Jira Service Desk

As part of our full-service Atlassian consulting, we show you how to create synergies with other Atlassian products and use a networked approach to get more performance from your Atlassian products.

For example, connect your Confluence knowledge base to Jira Service Desk to provide your users with predefined solutions before creating tickets to reduce support requests. At the same time, your support team documents new applied problem solutions in the central knowledge database and can therefore reduce future queries.

Of course, we'll show you how to create dynamic requirement documents and how to integrate them into Jira. In this way, your Jira tickets are created using Confluence, but keep a connection to the documents and information stored there.

Linchpin: Social Intranet that connects.

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Linchpin is a fully customisable communication hub that adapts to the needs as well as the design of your company. The Linchpin intranet is based on Confluence, Atlassian's powerful collaboration software.

In combination with Confluence, Linchpin covers the five most important requirements of a social intranet: 

  • knowledge management
  • mobile
  • expert finder
  • microblog and
  • personalised news.

The Linchpin Intranet is fully customisable. The personalisation of the intranet is based on the profile settings that the employee makes (e.g. the location, department and/or language of the employee). 

The user profile consists of informations such as profile picture, interests and strengths of the employee, further profile fields be created. An LDAP connection is also possible to get the profile information from e.g. an Active Directory.

One central place for all employees to share and exchange content

Linchpin ENG

Linchpin enables your employees to coordinate their daily lives. Access to important documents as well as important information can be transmitted within seconds. If experts are needed for topics, the employees can quickly find exactly the right contact person. This is implemented by a powerful filter function, which is called "Expert Finder", which accesses the profiles of your employees and finds exactly the right expert for each topic. This facilitates cooperation within the company. The functions can also be used across countries or continents. It will be easier for your employees to participate in events or invite colleagues to events. These invitations can be answered within the system.

With Linchpin, communication in your company will be improved. The app 'Enterprise News' will show the latest personalised company news for your employee and 'Microblogging' will show a timeline (similar to Facebook) for direct communication among your employees.

Facilitate cooperation to create more together

Via Linchpin, your employees can communicate on one platform and exchange information with each other. By integrating familiar and company-critical software such as email, phone, and chat software, your employees don't have to sacrifice features such as chats, video calls, or like features on postings. From the collaboration of several teams within a location to the branching of locations worldwide, Linchpin facilitates the communication of your employees. But it is also possible to communicate with business partners or customers via the intranet.

Share content to use knowledge more effectively


Based on the basic structure of Confluence, Linchpin creates a powerful intranet to make documents and information accessible to your employees. Documentation with important operational content is available to all employees. This allows questions to be clarified more quickly. This content can be accessed and called up at any time. With the 'Bring your own device' concept, employees can connect their private devices and establish secure access to the intranet.

With the mobile app 'Linchpin Mobile', every employee is always up to date on a mobile basis. For example, they can receive push notifications, register for events, and view their news panel. 

'Linchpin Touch' is available for employees who do not have a fixed PC workstation (e.g. factory employees). With 'Linchpin Touch', for example factory employees can access the intranet in the factory via a large touch screen. 

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