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What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is more than just a tool for managing code for distributed version control of files. With Bitbucket, your team can plan projects in a single place, collaborate on code, and run tests and deployments.

  • It's free for small groups and companies. However, for larger projects the software will be priced for a fee, ranging from $10 per month for a group up to 10 employees to $200 per month for an unlimited number of users.
  • Bitbucket has high security standards due to 2-factor authentication: users have to enter a password and pass a security check before they can work on the code base.
  • Pull requests can be provided with a list of desired reviewers by the user.
  • Bitbucket pipelines automate the workflow from individual push / pull requests to the complete repository built.
  • One UI for all purposes: With Bitbucket you can code, test, and deliver your software to your customers within the same environment without being taken out of context.
  • Bitbucket provides extensive support for Mercurial, a version control system competing with Git/Github.
  • Snippets are code segments that can be used to safe code for yourself or share code with your team or the world.
  • Bitbucket offers improved features for code navigation: For example, the "omnibar", which offers a variety of actions and references to match the current context.

Cooperation at high level

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Inline comments allows you to have discussions right in the source code. In this way, you can quickly and efficiently receive and approve the required code reviews via pull requests. This increases the quality of the code and creates more opportunities to improve knowledge in the team.

First class Jira & Trello integration

The integration with Jira & Trello allows you to organise your projects effectively, as you can create Bitbucket branches straight from Jira Issues or Trello cards, keeping all stakeholders up to date. Pull requests and commits can also be opened in Jira, allowing the code to be reviewed and changed in parallel branches before it is imported into the main branch. It is also possible to create a trigger for the automated status transition during code reviews or when combining codes. 

Workflow support

All common workflows such as Feature Branch, Gitflow or Forking workflows are supported by Bitbucket.

Automatic Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery Processes

Continuous Integration- & Continuous Delivery

Bitbucket pipelines automate their code from test to production. The results of the individual steps are indicated by simple icons. These indicate whether the integrity of the code is given or not. 

Authorisation and Code Search

With a semantic search you can save time. The first definitions listed are those which are useful when looking through the results, this is done by Bitbucket 'code aware search' which ranks definitions first over usages or variables names. 


Branch permissions allow teams maximum access control. This ensures a secure workflow, as only authorised users can make changes to the code. Restrict access to specific users and control their actions with branch permissions and check the quality code. Use IP whitelisting, enforce merge checks and two-factor authentication (2FA) or use Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) to protect your code with a second security check besides your password. SOC 2 Type II certification guarantees that your code is secure and that you have access to it at all times.

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