As a certified Atlassian Solution Partner we support you with our experience and knowledge regarding all questions and requirements during the introduction and use of Jira Ops + OpsGenie. 

Are incidents are getting ignored for days, despite their high priority or do you simply not process them quickly enough? Is the notification of incidents not digitally regulated?

For this Jira Ops + OpsGenie are the right tools to provide more connectivity within your company.

Jira Ops + OpsGenie is a sort of control centre for IT teams to better coordinate work in each incident.

Find out quickly which areas are affected by the incident and what the consequences are. The status, severity and duration of the incident are displayed in real time in an automatically created ticket.

In addition, it is possible to integrate various tools in "Jira Ops", such as "Slack", "OpsGenie" or "Statuspage".

"Slack" is a web-based instant messaging service for communication within workgroups. The communication in Slack takes place in so-called channels, which are organised in accordance to project, topic or team.

The tool "OpsGenie" also allows them to receive separate notifications on their mobile phone via SMS.

Statuspage is the #1 tool for status and incident information.

It helps customers and employees to stay up to date in the case of downtimes. All notifications and messages sent by "OpsGenie", "Slack" or "Statuspage" are documented in real time in the timeline.

Contact Person

The ticket will list the Incident Manager and the responsible technical expert. Of course, it is also possible to assign rights to other people in the team to edit or observe the incident.

Report and analysis function

The reporting and analysis function provides the company with a better opportunity to observe and analyse the possible effects of the incident. Future incidents can be compared and better understood with these reports. 

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