venITure [ven-IT-cher]


1.     Your IT consulting company with its HQ in Cologne, Germany

2.     Certified Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner

3.     Your next IT project. venITure prevents uncertainty and safeguards the success of your project

verb (to be used with a client) venITured, venITuring.

1.     to successfully implement your ideas in your IT-infrastructure

 You've been venITured.

2.     to bring in the expertise for an effective solution

Let's venITure this question.  


1.     Success for your IT venture

Word origin and history for venITure

mid-21c., 'successful implementation and realisation of IT solutions'; coined from IT and venture, itself a form of supporting IT adventures. Noun as company name; first mentioned in 2016; meaning 'enterprise of an IT business nature' registered since 2016.

venITure - Success for your IT venture

We are your reliable companion for successful enterprises in the digital world

venITure is the logical consequence of the experience of the company's founders in the areas of agile Software development, digital process management and digital transformation. venITure bundles a wide range of expertise and makes it available to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, and helps them to actively meet the challenges of digital transformation. We are more than just an association of IT nerds. At our company, varied and multi-faceted CVs grow together to form an innovation-driven team for the digital world. Our interdisciplinarity is the base from which this organic growth towards common goals across our various projects springs. Thanks to our selected staff personalities and individual career paths, we manage to think and act beyond stiff and entrenched solutions.

We rethink spaces – literally

Our company is located in a former antique shop in Cologne-Kalk, Germany. We see room for progress even in unknown structures, rethink known processes and recognize opportunities to create space for new ideas, technological progress and developments based on old environments. We know that a joint project - which arises from diversity - requires a respectful approach towards one another. That is why honesty, consistency and reliability determine our behavior towards our customers and within the team. Our basic attitude and approach is sincere, open, attentive and shows itself in an innovative and farsighted way of working.

venITure stands for solutions and ideas outside of the mainstream. We trust in our knowledge of today and use the innovations of tomorrow.

Whom we benefit

Our goal is to help our customers optimize their business. With our services and solutions, we support the digital transformation of all sizes of companies across all industries and also promote innovation and progress in business areas beyond the traditional IT company. We understand and never forget the individuality of your company. That is why our solutions and approaches are always flexible, scalable and adaptable to the needs of your company. The advantages of the digital world and our contribution to charge management shows itself in noticeable added value for our customers. Our flat corporate hierarchy and a selected direct contact person ensure excellent communication with our customers.

People, employees, colleagues - The team behind venITure!

venITure consists of an innovation-driven team that stands out from crowd. We do not see ourselves as a simple organizational unit of work, but as a goal-oriented association in which each of us contributes to our common success and for each other. We are distinguished as a team by the combination of a multi-faceted and diverse range of curriculum vitae. We pay attention to a mixture of specialist experience and vocational qualifications, as well as the ability to think outside the box. Individual support and development through the regular training and certification of our employees is part of our professional Life-Long-Learning concept. In this way, we continuously promote the professional development of each and every employee. Within the team, our behavior is based on honesty, consistency and reliability, as well the continuous self-evaluation of our own actions.

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