Atlassian Update: Data residency on Jira and Confluence for Standard and Premium

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In Europe, we place great emphasis on protecting our data: We know that control over where data is hosted is a prerequisite for our customers - no matter what size - to adopt Atlassian Cloud products. We have received this feedback time and time again from many customers. So, at this point, we're very pleased to announce that Atlassian will be adding data residency to its standard and premium cloud plans later this year. Best of all, this upgrade will be introduced without a corresponding price increase.

With this change to the Atlassian Cloud, we, as Atlassian Solution Partners, are able to provide more confidence for all our customers who are based in the EU or operate in regulated industries. 

Data residency availability and roadmap

Atlassian plans to enable Data Residency on their Jira and Confluence instances for customers with Cloud Standard and Premium licenses in the second half of 2021. More details on Atlassian's exact timeline will be released in the coming months.

Atlassian has a comprehensive roadmap for Data Residency to offer additional geographic locations and include more customer data. The announced update does not impact the implementation of the rest of the roadmap. As additional regions and data types are made available, they will be available to all customers with paid cloud subscriptions to Atlassian. Click here for more information on the Atlassian Cloud Roadmap. 

Data residency and Marketplace Apps

Many Marketplace partners do not yet support data residency for their own apps. As Marketplace partners, we will continue our own investments in data residency to meet the needs of customers here as well. 

What do we support with Atlassian Cloud today? 

Free, Standard and Premium customers can see where their data is hosted. Enterprise plan customers can move their data between realms. As mentioned earlier, Standard and Premium customers will also be able to move their data between Realms in the future.

The available realms for Enterprise products are:

Global - Product content will be hosted in any AWS region determined by Atlassian. Atlassian can move this data between regions as needed. All products are in the global scope by default and only products with Enterprise licenses can have in-scope data moved to the EU or US scope.

  • EU - In-scope product content is hosted in the Frankfurt and Dublin AWS regions.
  • USA - In-scope product content is hosted in the USA East and USA West AWS regions.

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