Atlassian Update: Atlassian akquiriert Halp

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Atlassian yesterday announced the acquisition of Halp, a start-up that enables companies to build integrated helpdesk ticketing and automated responses within Slack.

Halp represents a new set of applications that are fundamentally changing the way teams work. As real-time messaging becomes more prevalent in the workplace, businesses are looking for solutions that integrate with the team messaging tools they have already invested in.

Once Halp is added to a Slack workspace, you can use a simple emoji response to turn any message into a ticket that tracks the progress and results of incoming requests.

Halp offers bidirectional integration with Confluence so teams can connect to their knowledge base. Halp describes the process as follows:,,With Halp Answers, your teams can use the knowledge that already exists in your organisation to automatically answer tickets directly in Slack. This knowledge can be pulled from Slack messages, Confluence articles or any other knowledge in your organisation."

Atlassian says Halp integrates seamlessly, so users can continue to benefit from the structured workflows they've already established in ITSM solutions like Jira Service Desk.

We are very excited to see how Halp will advance the way our teams, and our customers' teams, work. 

Read the article below to learn more about the new member of the Atlassian family.

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