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venITure is proud and grateful to be able to support the great work of Claudia Friedrich, who makes life more worth living for the orphans at the Peace Matunda Children's Centre in Tanzania with her heart and soul. But now more from Claudia herself:

"In September 2019, I got to know the Peace Matunda Children's Centre during my trip. After experiencing the dedication with which the founder Kaaya Unambwe and his team are committed to improving the living conditions of the children, my decision was already made to definitely want to help here. The way Kaaya and his family live together with the orphans, the way the school is designed and how Peace Matunda is also involved in local projects motivated me to found Small Changes after my return and thus, with the help of many, bring about change where it is most needed. Already in January 2020, I visited the centre again and lived with the children for a longer period of time and was able to gain an intensive insight into the situation on site. Together with Kaaya, we developed many ideas to put the children's centre on secure and long-term independent pillars.

Education is the key to a self-determined life. In Tanzania, poverty and lack of education are still among the biggest problems. 

Those who have knowledge, who can read, write and calculate, who can inform themselves, are less dependent on others, less vulnerable to exploitation and can seize opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Small Changes is a small non-profit association based in Cologne. We aim to support the Tanzanian school and orphanage project Peace Matunda in northern Tanzania at the foot of Mount Meru, giving orphans and disadvantaged children from low-income, very needy backgrounds a home and access to education. The locally founded institution Peace Matunda provides these children with a path to a better future. The vision of the institution is to help children grow up to be independent, responsible and responsible citizens who can make their own contribution to society as adults.

Tanzanian children living in poor and rural areas are often excluded from education despite compulsory schooling by the state. The parents of Peace Matunda school children are often illiterate themselves and usually cannot afford the school fees. Providing these families with a successful school education for their children is the necessary key to breaking the cycle out of poverty.

In the first eight years of their lives, children develop important cognitive, physical and other skills. This is why we support the Peace Matunda pre-primary and primary school, which enables precisely these children to attend a pre-primary and primary school free of charge for the families. 

We regularly visit the institution to see for ourselves how it works and how transparent it is, and we support Peace Matunda wholeheartedly in realising its vision. To this end, we are constantly looking for private individuals and companies who want to take on international social responsibility and support a project that provides sustainable and future-oriented help for self-help. Every contribution, no matter how small, changes the lives of the children in the Peace Matunda Children's Centre.

Currently, 25 orphans live in the Peace Matunda orphanage. Since 2005, Peace Matunda has been giving the children a safe home, a loving education together with their peers, good nutrition, medical care and schooling. The children are accompanied by Peace Matunda until they complete their education, as further education in secondary school is a basic requirement to have a chance on the labour market in Tanzania.

Since 2012, Peace Matunda School has been a state-approved Pre- and Primary Day School for now more than 200 pupils in Baby Class, Kindergarten and Grades 1-7. Peace Matunda School is committed to disadvantaged children in the region and enables them to access school education. 

Directly and transparently. Our promise: 100% of every donation arrives! We cover the low administrative costs through the membership fees of the founding team."

You can find more information on our website

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